Private Teachings

The Naad Teaching Program contains three parts:

  • Nada Yoga: breath and energy, concentration and deep listening (inner part of Soundyoga)
  • Mantra Chanting: rhythmical reciting of a Mantra (Nama)
  • Dhrupad Music: music, which has a meter and a melody within a tonal system (Rupa)

If a student wants, he or her can focus on special parts only. Always included is:

  • Microtonal listening and singing
  • Melody and Rhythm
  • Improvisation
  • Voice Culture
  • Breathing techniques

Aana made me the Dhrupadmusic accessible in a very clear and structured way, so I was able to progress very fast. She is very dedicated and creative.
Tiago Moreno, Dhrupadyogi, Yogateacher, Vegan cook, Zürich and Portugal

To become a true NAAD Yogi/Yogini, it is necessary to learn all three focus points – Dhrupadmusic, Nada Yoga and Mantra Chanting:

After all is to say that the NAAD Teaching Program is a complete Sound Teaching: singing Dhrupad the singer applies Yoga techniques to open all chakras. Producing a stream of sound opens the energy channels, specially the column. Kundalini is rising and greeting! Connecting sound and mind allows the singer to fully dive into a Raag, to become the Raag! Beeing advanced, the vocalist can listen to him/herself and how the Raag is singing, just letting flow the melody. This is like “surfing in the universe”… After engaging first in a more intellectual way into this music, the listener too can absorbe in this divine music. This is the pure joy of Dhrupad!

Aana is giving private classes in 8053 Zürich or online. Please write to or call +41 78 836 39 38 thanks.