In its original form. a traditional Dhrupad performance contains a longer free floating Alaap, a Jod introducing a pulse, and a Jhala part, doubling the pace, and eventually a song and its improvisation. Besidea perfect tone and sound quality, the focus lays in rhythmical improvisation, similar to Jazz.

You can book following settings:

  • Indian classical with Pakhavaj drum
  • Soundmeditation without percussion
  • Buddhist Chanting
  • demolecture/ Schulhauskonzert / Schulhausworkshop

The higher the concentration on the tone and melodic flow, the stronger the effect of the Raag. Both the singer and the listener experience the harmony of body and ming, which creates a happyness beyond normal entertainment or distraction of the mind. One becomes an active witness how a Raag sings!

Short rendition of a Dhrupad performance in Raag Ahir Bhairav own composition in Hindi in honour to the teacher Late padmshri Ramakant Gundecha