Buddhist Wisdom Words Chanting Group

Aana M. Sharma’s mission is to spread ancient wisdom through music – over meditation, sound and words.

Aana intonates Buddhist Mantras, Sutras and other Buddhist wisdom texts in Dhrupadstyle. This ancient vedic Ragamusic gives the chanting more deepness then the usual 3-tone-chanting. The pure tonal systems of the Dhrupad-Ragamusic creates harmonies between body and mind and between the inner and outer world of the chanter. This kind of chanting needs high concentration and can lead to absorptional states. What makes Aana’s contribution further special is the fact, that she is intonating not only known Mantras, but also Buddhist Suttas from various Budddhist lines as well as texts from holy Buddhist women.

Compilation of Buddhist Chantings

Aana is starting her Buddhist Wisdom Words Chanting Group in 2020. It takes place at the Buddhist Center Zollikon. There is an evening approx. every 6 weeks. No preknowledge is needed. Interested people please write to dhrupad.naad@gmail.com oder call to 078 836 39 38, thanks.