Aana is composing songs (for example for newborn babies or any beeing) and she is intonating existing texts like Mantras, Sutras or any other wisdom text for third parties. They will be based on Dhrupadstyle. You will get not only a melody set in rhythm, but also a daytime or season-related melody. This allows one to merge with the sound, so the effect of a Mantra etc. gets intensified. It will be microtonal sound and having a strong resonance beeing played with Tanpura.

You will get the composed opera, an audio-recording and a PDF with the written opera (SARGAM notes and rhythm-table) within 30 days.

Beside the composing mandate you can also book:

  • a mandate to get a teaching of this new music piece by Aana
  • a mandate to produce a professional videoclip of it (made by a videographer collegue)

Example Gayatri Mantra:

Gayatri Mantra recomposed sung by Aana M. Sharma and workshop participants at Wasserkirche Nov 2019

PDF with notation 

Example Ave Maria:

Indian Ave Maria: Aana shows, how the Gregorian Ave Maria (Liber Usualis) is similar to the Indian Rag Kafi – first sung in the traditional Gregorian way, letting then the words away and starting to improvise in the tonal system in Akar-style, and finally singing Rag Kafi Dhrupad Alap.

Example Piyare Guru ji

In grief I composed this song in Hindi for my Late Guru ji Ramakant Gundecha in 2019:
it tells about how I learnt singing from him and how he unexpectedly left us…