Aana is holding the workshop “My Voice” in Zürich on invitation. Everybody is welcome to try out Nada Yoga and Dhrupad vocal – and his or her own voice!

The workshop starts with an Nada Yoga exercice, focusing and settling down in the body. Starting from the basenote SA, the scale of an India Raga gets explored. Then call and response singing in Alapstyle, exploring the melodic pattern of a Raag. Eventually Aana will perform the Raag for a short while, so one can enjoy it as a listening meditation.


Teachingtrailor „How to improvise“ in Raag Shivranjini, Aana M. Sharma, October 2019

Teachingtrailor  Raag Malkauns  September 2019 by Aana Sharma

in every workshop there will be also a short concert to be listened, see

The dates of the My Voice workshops are published on the Facebookpage @meetnaad.

Aana can be booked for workshops and demolectures from third parties. Please write – mentioning your request, proposal and a phonenumber – to thanks.

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